SLIKR and Lightspeed Integration

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SLIKR integrates with Lightspeed to reduce wait times and increase retail and performance

SLIKR optimises business to reduce wait times by over 60%, however increasingly our business owners are incorporating a Point of Sale (POS) system into their businesses wanting to really track and increase business performance.  We are excited to announce our integration with Lightspeed (Vend) POS

SLIKR will continue to offer our “Checkout” as a fee feature for businesses who simply want to record payments and track staff.  As businesses mature and grow there is increased opportunity improving sales, managing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

As SLIKR always strives to deliver according to our client’s needs, we listened and recognised that many growing businesses are wanting more insight into their business.  This month SLIKR released its first integration with Lightspeed (Vend) for Retail POS. This will allow retail businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of POS systems  such as POS device integration, products catalogue, stock control and accounting. Selecting the best POS System for your retail business can be an overwhelming decision to make, considering so many options available in the current market, that’s why we made it easy.

The global point of sale (POS) software market is anticipated to generate an estimated $20.13 billion in 2022 alone and is projected to continue growing significantly in the coming years, reaching $42.49 billion by 2027.

How can this integration benefit retail clients?

In addition to SLIKR’s existing features that help businesses to reduce wait times by predicting & optimising your walk-ins and reservations, we integrated with Lightspeed to give retail businesses an add-on option of a full featured point of sale system (POS) that can help drive multi-channel sales while having a fully integrated customer experience.

SLIKR’s Lightspeed Integration allows Lightspeed clients to :

  • Predict & optimise your bookings 
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times by up to 69%
  • Dynamic staff allocation
  • Analyse Shop & Queue Data
  • Integrate customer and service data

In one place, SLIKR covers all your retail needs, from predicting & optimising bookings to an integration to add on a full featured POS system : Lightspeed retail.

56.5% of retailers use POS analytics for loss prevention. Combined with a queue performance dashboard loss prevention will be even more difficult.

Why Lightspeed?

Lightspeed Retail simplifies inventory management, generates insightful reports, provides essential POS tools, and offers a seamless management system. Some key features include :

Managing inventory has never been easier.
Rather than checking out your stocks physically in stores, you can use a Lightspeed screen to check the inventory and retrieve sales data. The POS can monitor the biggest sellers and determine when reordering is necessary. Stock the right products at the right time with Lightspeed Retail’s inventory planning, tracking, and reordering tools.

Analyse retail data to make the right decisions.
Whether you need a high level overview or a deeper dive into specific metrics, Lightspeed Retail gives you access to all the data you need.For instance, if you wanted to know the amount a staff member sold the previous day, Lightspeed can provide detailed reports in a second while traditional cash register takes hours to derive the same answer.

Integrated POS system lets you manage everything.
A single POS system gives you the ability to sell across channels at the same time using Lightspeed’s inventory management tools.

Take your Retail business to the next level through SLIKR’s Lightspeed Integration. Don’t just predict & optimise reservations  but experience a fully featured POS system! Contact us today to know more. 

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