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Who said revolutionising queue optimisation could only happen in the future? Supercharge your efficiency by slashing wait times by up to 60%!

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Enhance customer experience, boost staff productivity, and shorten queues with SLIKR’s intelligent queue optimisation system.
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Since 2016, we’ve been setting the standard for automatic queue optimisation. We truly enhance performance and increase revenue.

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Why is SLIKR different?

SLIKR optimises queues, boosts revenue, enhances customer experience, and offers efficient cloud-based solutions.
Optimised queues

Automatically optimise your queue for both current and predicted arrivals to maximise utilisation and minimise gaps

Fast deployment

Being fully cloud-based with native apps, SLIKR enables rapid deployment, through advanced cloud and AI technologies.

Boost revenue

Using advanced AWS-based predictive analytics and machine learning, boost your revenue with more optimised services, integrated online payments and retail.

Client Marketing

SLIKR places a strong emphasis on crafting outstanding customer experiences, fostering loyalty, and engaging client relationships.

Easy connect everything

Our Predictive Queues revolutionise traditional waiting. Despite technological advancements, waiting models have remained inefficient for centuries, causing uncertainty and reducing customer engagement. Service-based organisations seek solutions to improve waiting times.

SLIKR, recognised as a business of tomorrow by Westpac for its innovative solution, accurately estimates wait times, keeping clients updated without on-site waiting.

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Download our client check-in app and check in online to a business near you.

Integrate with SLIKR

SLIKR integrates seamlessly with various business tools. Choose the functionalities you require, ensuring that staff management, reporting, finances, and your online presence align precisely with your needs. Our more advanced offering for clients wanting best in class Point of Sale (POS) is our integration with LightSpeed (Vend) to help optimise clients and your retail performance.

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