Introducing Our Latest Feature: Barber Search and Online Booking

In our continuous pursuit of enhancing customer experiences, SLIKR is excited to introduce our new Barber Search feature, accompanied by seamless online booking capabilities. This innovation aims to simplify your quest for the perfect barber while offering a range of user-friendly functionalities. Find Your Ideal Barber Shop with Ease With our intuitive Barber Search Online […]

SLIKR: Proud Gold Sponsor at Barber Nation Brisbane 2016

At SLIKR, we delightfully announce our position as a Proud Gold Sponsor at Barber Nation Brisbane 2016. This exciting event will unfold on November 6th, 2016, offering a day brimming with Barber Battles, Look and Learns, and an abundance of learning opportunities. A Thrilling Collaboration As Proud Gold Sponsor at Barber Nation Brisbane 2016 , […]

Definition of Queue Ahead? How to Manage Queues ?

Defining the Innovations of Queue Ahead Feature Definition of Queue Ahead – The revolutionary Queue Ahead feature by SLIKR presents a dynamic solution to the challenges of queue optimisation. Similar to a booking system but with added convenience, this cutting-edge feature empowers customers to seamlessly assess their barber’s wait time and select their preferred arrival […]

How SLIKR can be used to deliver better customer experience?

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Traditional queues often lead to frustration, long wait times, and an overall decline in customer satisfaction. The need for a more streamlined and customer-centric approach to queue optimization has never been greater. The Challenge of Traditional Queues Long queues have plagued various industries, from retail stores and banks to salons and healthcare facilities. Customers dread […]