Make a client wait shorter without adding more staff!

Work smarter, not harder!

Our lives are busy, and we will all wait for good service – but how long is too long?

It is possible with some small tweaks to make the wait in your shop seem shorter than it really is. If you can reduce the number of clients who leave or walk past, and increase customer satisfaction – then why not?

Here are some small changes shop owners can make based on research made popular by Dr. Richard Larson from MIT. We can also learn from theme parks who are masters of managing a queue with many of their attractions.

Keep clients occupied

Watching you work is not keeping clients occupied! It just increases the perception they are waiting and puts you, your staff, and your current client under more pressure which is not good for anyone.

SLIKR TV Queue Display

SLIKR TV Queue Display with Promotion Content

Image copyright SLIKR 2017

TV’s and Playstations are in some shops, but often there is no sound and only partially engages the client. Restaurants will give people menu’s while they wait, and elevators and bars have mirrors so people can watch around them as they wait.

Our approach is to vary the content, environment, and information at regular intervals so the client is engaged and occupied. We also display information on the store and products, making the client familiar with the service. Time passes a lot quicker when you are occupied rather than idle.

Letting someone know their wait time reduces the level of uncertainty, and makes the wait seem to go quicker.

Not knowing makes the wait longer

Letting someone know their wait time reduces the level of uncertainty, and makes the wait seem to go quicker. If a client does not know their wait time, and is uncertain and anxious during their wait, it always feels longer than it actually is.

Having a clear queue removes competition or jostling, client’s being concerned they have been forgotten, or in the slowest line.

Progress makes client’s happy

Seeing progress in a queue makes client’s even more satisfied. Knowing they are getting closer to their service time, and seeing a queue progress means a better wait experience and less anxiety for the client.

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