How LINKLY and SLIKR Optimise Business Operations?

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Two such game-changers in their respective fields are LINKLY and SLIKR Optimise Business Operations. How the synergy between LINKLY, a leading payment integration provider, and SLIKR, a powerful queue optimisation system, is revolutionising businesses across various industries? How do LINKLY and SLIKR Optimise Business Operations? READ MORE!

The Power of LINKLY Integration

LINKLY: Making Every Payment Seamless

LINKLY is a seasoned player in the payments industry, with over 20 years of experience. It specialises in creating smooth payment experiences for businesses of all sizes. Here’s how LINKLY works:

POS Integration: LINKLY leads the industry in Point of Sale (POS) to payment terminal integration. It seamlessly connects over 670 POS solutions to most bank terminals, making in-person transactions a breeze.

Online and Phone Payments: LINKLY offers powerful tools to facilitate online and phone payments. Businesses can accept single, recurring, and multiple payments with customisable branding and top-tier security.

Next-Gen Payment App: The Pay App, designed for Android terminals, provides unparalleled reliability, transaction speed, and customization, ensuring a unique payment experience.

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The Impact of SLIKR

SLIKR: Optimising Queues for Business Excellence

SLIKR’s queue optimisation system is designed to enhance customer experience, boost staff productivity, and shorten queues for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Key features include:

In-Store Queue Management: SLIKR streamlines in-store operations, allowing businesses to gain more customers by accepting in-store payments efficiently. It connects POS applications with EFTPOS terminals, reducing wait times.

Efficient Phone Payments: SLIKR provides a suite of phone payment solutions through its contact centre suite of products. It ensures a smooth experience for customers making payments over the phone.

Additionally , User-Friendly Payment App: SLIKR’s responsive and easy-to-use payment app offers consumers flexibility and payment freedom, enhancing their experience.

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The Synergy: LINKLY and SLIKR Together

The collaboration between LINKLY and SLIKR brings numerous benefits to businesses:

Seamless Transactions: Integrating LINKLY’s payment capabilities with SLIKR’s queue optimisation ensures a seamless customer journey, whether in-store or online.

Supercharged Efficiency: LINKLY and SLIKR, together, transform operations, slashing wait times, elevating customer satisfaction, and supercharging staff productivity while also minimising errors to safeguard income.

Online Expansion: As businesses transition online with LINKLY’s solutions, SLIKR’s optimisation tools continue to deliver superior customer experiences in the digital realm.

Payment Freedom: Hence , customers can enjoy the flexibility of LINKLY’s payment options, further enhancing their loyalty to businesses using SLIKR.

Therefore, because of this harmonious partnership, businesses can relish a multitude of advantages that lead to unparalleled success. Hence, it is evident that the integration of LINKLY and SLIKR empowers businesses to stay ahead in the digital age. Therefore, by embracing this dynamic collaboration, you pave the way for a future where seamless transactions, operational excellence, and unwavering customer loyalty converge to redefine your business’s success. Hence, seize this transformative opportunity and unlock the full potential of your enterprise.


Therefore, because of their synergistic capabilities, LINKLY and SLIKR represent a pivotal step towards operational excellence. Hence, businesses that harness their combined power not only gain a competitive edge but also stand at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, seize this opportunity to propel your business into a future of seamless transactions, where success knows no bounds.

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