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SLIKR Kiosk for Android

Our latest Kiosk release improves client check-in experience. It is more responsive and faster to speed the check-in and queue process.

  • Individual staff wait times in a live display so clients can see extended wait for staff allowing them to select alternates.
  • Queue or Service mode. By swiping right on the tablet it is possible to hide the queue and wait time display so each time a client checks in they are given an estimated start and the kiosk will return to select services. Wait times are still shown against the individual staff member on the bottom of the screen.
  • Faster check-in by removing the services category screen and showing services listed by default. The filter banner at the top can show a reduced list if the client is looking for a specific service category.

The kiosk is a key part to help automate and manage the queue in shop while collecting key information. Automatically build your customer database to improve return client return rates without needing to hire additional staff.  Data usage is minimal but the benefits are huge to help smooth the flow of clients into the shop.

Additional Kiosk features

  • Send alert notifications when a client in called and not in the shop
  • Show or hide in-progress clients to display just waiting
  • “Walk-in” button for fast adding onto the queue if a client does not check-in on kiosk or not able.
  • Designed so small shops can fully operate from a single kiosk

It is small, powerful  and designed for a busy and dynamic shop. Get in touch for a free trial and download the Kiosk from the playstore.

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