Increase Revenue by combining POS with your Queue or Booking system

How to use your customer data to grow revenue with a Barber POS or Beauty POS

Less than 25% of walk-in shops have Point of Sale (POS). We outline here why Barber POS or Beauty POS can help your improve revenue and is much more than counting daily takings.
Additional revenue can come in two forms
  1. Service more clients.
  2. Increase the spend per client.
Getting more clients through your shop is not easy, requiring either marketing to acquire additional customers or putting on more staff to increase your throughput.  In this article we want to work smarter and increase the spend per client. Increasing the spend per client is not always about increasing prices. This article from CIO Magazine recognised how using client data to understand behaviour and behavioural trends is the future for sales and marketing. If you know when clients are coming back, their purchase history then it is possible to target promotions and sales to increase spend per client with your existing clients.

Customer Data

Queue Manager and Checkout

A walk-in business does not typically know who customer details and cannot capture key data. We use the data to automate the use of a POS system when a client checks out. SLIKR combines a Kiosk on check-in and we connect our Check-out POS process.

Checkout – POS

POS is the key. The reason we connected the check in process and capturing client data is to record purchases. Connecting the client and establishing letting staff quickly and easily add brands and products onto a client service. We record the payment type and complete the service all in one integrated process.
Queue Checkout

Checkout Screen


Existing – POS

No problem! Our checkout process can be disabled with one setting to just complete a service. Switch to you existing POS to complete the payment transaction.
By connecting the queue to POS we aim to build customer history and use the data to build revenue.
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