Thanks for an amazing 2016!

Interesting client and shop statistics from SLIKR

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371% Growth

84% aged under 35

3,300+ users


Mobile App


1,500 App Launches Dec 2016

60+ new installs per week

34% Month to Month growth



28,882 Check-ins

25.6 mins – Average wait

22 mins – Average duration

$26 – Average price paid

What do these stats mean for you!

With 28,882 check-ins and 25.6 min wait = 739,379 minutes or 12,323 hours.

Put that time together and spend

1.4 years playing Xbox

634 times flying Australia to USA

$492,000 earned at $40/hr

5,688 movies watched

4.1 Hours each year, avg person waiting for a Barber.

4.1 Hours = 1/2 day off work

If we could give you half a day off work each year, what would you do?

These are for SLIKR check-ins only – Expand that across Australia, US and UK!

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