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Who said revolutionising queue optimisation could only happen in the future? Supercharge your efficiency and slash wait times by up to 60%!

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Since 2016, we’ve been setting the standard for
how Queue Optimisation drives success.

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Streamline your schedule for empowered, efficient client bookings.

Freeing staff from call duty and endless wait-time calculations.

Easy integration enhances accuracy and fills last-minute gaps.

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SLIKR optimises queues, boosts revenue, enhances customer experience, and offers efficient cloud-based solutions.

Optimized Queues

Automatic optimization of your current and predicted arrivals to provide the best utilisation and minimise gaps.

Scalable Solutions

Fully cloud based and with native apps you can deploy fast and provide the best client experience.

Expand Revenue

Incorporating AWS based predictive analytics and machine learning. Reduce overheads and increase revenue.

Customer Centric

SLIKR prioritizes
exceptional customer experiences, fostering
loyalty and building strong relationships.



Our Predictive Queues revolutionise traditional waiting. Despite technological advancements, waiting models have remained inefficient for centuries, causing uncertainty and reducing customer engagement. Service-based organisations seek solutions to improve waiting times.

SLIKR, recognised as a business of tomorrow by Westpac for its innovative solution, accurately estimates wait times, keeping clients updated without on-site waiting. 


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Integrate your existing system with our optimisation and alerts or deploy our client scheduling and queue management as a stand alone solution. 

Our more advanced offering for clients wanting best in class Point of Sale (POS) is our integration with LightSpeed (Vend) to help optimise clients and your retail performance.


Automatically allocate clients based on estimated arrival times, wait times and reduce gaps. Our process is configurable to your business allowing both bookings and walk-ins in highly dynamic environments. 

Reduce wait times

Calculate wait times for clients and manage arrivals via SMS, mobile apps and online live tracking links. Our queue maangement processes free your staff from coordinating arrivals and wait times.

Increase Revenue

Detailed analytics and workflow to generate alerts and promotions. Leverage client insights from both registered clients and walk-ins to increase conversion and revenue. 

Our features

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Business do not need to choose between booking systems and queues. Our solution provides the best of both worlds.


Automate the communication and updates to clients and minimise the distraction to already busy staff.  By communincating expected start time you remove uncertainty. 

A kiosk is optional if your business needs a self service function. We even offer a QR code check-in for mobile devices.

Integrate with other systems to reduce data duplication and optimise the effort for staff by reducing double entry.

Optimize will automatically adjust your schedule based on what is happening in your business without the need to staff to be continually scheduling.

Analytics and reporting on your work schedule automatically identify trends and data not readily available in standard systems.

Native mobile apps for clients and your business enable a better client experience and location services.

Native mobile apps


Give your clients the best mobile experience with native mobile apps.

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