Shop Help – Social Media Sharing

We have collated a selection of messages and links for media to share on your own social media channels (including your company’s) to promote the benefits of SLIKR for your clients and shop.

Make your link ACTIONABLE – Let clients do something!

  • Avoid the term “Booking” in posts. We use “Queue Ahead” to help avoid confusion for clients thinking you have fixed time periods.
  • Always add your shop link (URL) onto every single post, even when not talking about SLIKR. You want it easy for clients to click through to your shop. Your shop link is found in Manage Shop / Shop Info page eg “” – Your shop link can be found from Manage Shop -> Shop Info ->Shop URL
  • All posts featuring SLIKR must fit with professional branding.
  • WHY! Always tell your clients why it helps them, not the how.

Linking to SLIKR


Instagram: @slikr_app


Website: OR

Copy the post text – Select the Video

Create your post


<Company name> has a new digital queue system to help reduce your wait times. You can see the wait time when you arrive, get your place on the queue and even check-in from home. More information will come over the following weeks.


Queue Ahead

Here is our new check-in app. It takes less than 60 seconds to check in and can save you 60% of your wait time. We are the same walk-in business, just letting you track your wait time online. Arrive 10 mins before your scheduled time and be top of the queue.


Track your progress


Your estimated start is adjusted in real time, as the shop runs early or late your wait time is always current. Track online or via the mobile app. Remember, it is just a place in the queue, if you are not here we take the next person and will send you an alert. Arrive 10 mins before your scheduled time and be top of the queue.


Select Staff

A busy barber is a good barber! You can select your preferred staff member and stay on their queue. Track your progress online and be top of the queue when you arrive in store. Remember to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time


Family Booking

Got kids? Avoid the after-school rush, easily check-in for the family with one reservation, and even select your preferred arrival time. No need to keep all the kids entertained for extended periods waiting for the coolest style



Something come up and cannot make your time? No problem! Cancel via SMS or the SLIKR App and free your place up for someone else


Know before you arrive Know before you arrive how busy we are, even check-in ahead of time and secure your place. Queue ahead is only $0.75c and can save you a lot of time, remember you are still welcome to walk-in and chill. “”

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