You decide how to pay

Free Shop (PAYG) OR Subscription –  Not both!

Features and Functions


1-3 Staff

Unlimited Kiosk Walkin’s

250 Free online

0.95c per extra booking

No shop fees

Unlimited staff

Client pays booking fee

All modules included



4 – 10 Staff

Unlimited Kiosk Walkin’s

1000 Free online

0.95c per extra booking

You can learn more about our Terms of Service

Frequently asked questions

What is free – PAYG?
It is win/win for everyone! The shops does not pay a subscription, we give you full access to the app for free. We pass on a small booking fee to the each client with their online Check-in. SMS fees are extra. This way were are only successfull if your clients like our system and check-in online. We back ourselves!

Walk-ins / Kiosk check-ins free and unlimited!

Do I pay a subscription AND a booking fee?
No!  If you pay a subscription we do not pass on booking fees to clients. We do have limits on the amount of online bookings included in a subscription to help keep the pricing down for smaller businesses. If you go over with online bookings you only pay for the extra bookings each week. Remember walk-ins and Kiosk check-ins are free and unlimited.
SMS Fees?
SMS is a cost effective way to help people track their place in the queue. It also allows them to cancel if they do not intend to come back so you can fill that place. We only change for the SMS / Text delivered and there is no need to buy expensive SMS packages. The pricing varies by country for AU/NZ $0.08c, USA $0.015c, UK 0.04p. You have control over how you use SMS with reminders and promotional SMS optional and off by default.
There are no lock-in contracts. We also do not require a credit card during the trial period so you can trial with no obligation or commitment.
Multiple Shop?
We can support multiple shops under a single organization. Contact us via support for more information.
My own App?
Yes you can have your own app!

It will be your branding and in the Google and Android App Stores. Only your shops, loyalty and promotions will be visible.

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