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Transform your walk-in business with our Barber Queue App featuring predictive queues and bookings. We are the only system to combine the flexibility of a queue or walk-ins with the certainty of bookings via our web, mobile apps and Kiosk. The transition is easier with our automated Kiosk for self check-in so you do not need extra staff. Owners minimize clients by reducing your in-store wait time and smoothing the arrivals. We are a complete management tool capturing your client data and automating alerts and notifications which can create more clients and revenue.

If you think this is a booking app, think again.
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Increase Clients

Web and mobile apps allow more clients to find the shop and check-in without long wait times

Self Service Kiosk

No additional staff required. Our self service Kiosk will manage all the core operations.

Queue or Bookings

Fully automated and optimized queue management. It is so advanced you can queue ahead or split the shop to allow both bookings and walk-ins.


Improve accuracy and daily reporting with our checkout process.

A visual queue app designed around a fast moving queue shop. All elements have been designed to smooth the flow. Ask us for a demo or signup for a free trial. 

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Our advanced features include Discounts, Loyalty program, reminders, promo campaigns to help get more clients into your business.

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SLIKR and Lightspeed Integration

SLIKR and Lightspeed Integration

Incoporate your walk-ins and bookings with your Point of Sale (POS) using SLIKR to reduce wait times by 60% and integrate with LightSpeed to manage POS and Retail.

Fast Staff Assignment in Queue Manager

Fast Staff Assignment in Queue Manager

Fast staff assignmentBusy and Dynamic?See how to quickly reassign clients on the queue with "SLIKR Queue Manager". 2 Clicks are all that is needed to change a client preference.

Shop Queue or Staff Queue – The benefits

Shop Queue or Staff Queue – The benefits

How to get the optimal queue for your shop? One big shop queue or smaller individual staff queues? The perptual issue of how to get the best optimization for your shop queue. We explore two of the different models and the relative pro's and con's. Any walk-in business...

Improve Revenue with Barber POS

Improve Revenue with Barber POS

Increase Revenue by combining POS with your Queue or Booking system How to use your customer data to grow revenue with a Barber POS or Beauty POS Less than 25% of walk-in shops have Point of Sale (POS). We outline here why Barber POS or Beauty POS can help your...

SLIKR 1.11 Queue Display TV and Bookings

SLIKR 1.11 Queue Display TV and Bookings

Release 1.11 Queue Display and TV The latest SLIKR queue release has been deployed for businesses. Follow the latest in Barber and Beauty walk-in app. TV Queue Display Businesses with a TV can have a Queue Display highly visible in the shop. It is more...